Brief History of Stonebridge Country Club

In March 1989 Weiner Homes Corporation began development of the property we now know as Stonebridge Country Club Community Association, Inc. The Planned Use Development (PUD) was filed in March of 1991 under Southampton Development Corporation, Inc., subsequently naming the property Southampton at Naples. Gene Bates, formerly with Nicklaus Design Group, was hired to design the golf course, which opened in February of 1992. Although deposits were taken for the sale of lots and condominiums by Southampton Development Corporation, no construction other than the golf course, took place while the property was under their ownership.

In September of 1994 Taylor Woodrow Communities purchased the existing community. However, in February 1995 Stonebridge Country Club Community Association, Inc. was established when Taylor Woodrow filed with Collier County to change the community’s name. The revised logo, street and neighborhood names were derived from locations and fixtures found in England. After more than a year, Taylor Woodrow opened the Clubhouse in January of 1996. Taylor Woodrow was able to quickly sell out the community and turned over ownership of the Master Association to the members in November of 2001.