Open House Rules

  • ALL ‘Open Houses' scheduled in Stonebridge must be registered with the Association Office by 1:00pm each Friday for the weekend. The address, day and time of each ‘Open House' will be added to the master sheet that will be given to any potential buyer who enters at either guard gate to look at our open houses during the weekend.
  • Only the approved Stonebridge ‘Open House' sign is allowed. The sign shall be no greater than eighteen (18) inches in width and twelve (12) inches in height, attached to a stake in order that the sign is no more than two (2) feet in total height when the sign is in place. The sign shall have a white background and shall bear the Stonebridge tree logo and a border in the color of dark green. Only the words ‘Open House', with an optional directional arrow beneath, are allowed on the sign. All letters must also be of a dark green color. This sign can be purchased from SignPro Graphics, 2237 J&C Blvd in Naples (Phone: 597-0390). The cost is approximately $30.00 per sign.
  • The ‘Open House' sign is allowed to be placed in front of the unit where the ‘Open House' is being held. Not more than one (1) sign may be posted on the owner's premises, however, if the unit is located on any roadway other than Winding Oaks Way, one (1) additional sign may be placed within the common ground area at the intersection with Winding Oaks Way as a directional aid. Only one (1) directional sign may be placed at the intersection, regardless of the number of units with open houses on that street.
  • The sign(s) may not be posted more than two (2) times per week per unit and may only be posted between the hours of 12:00noon and 5:00pm.
  • The sign may only be posted during the hours that there is an actual open house being conducted by the owner of the unit or the owner's real estate agent.
  • No signs designating an "OPEN HOUSE" or "FOR SALE" shall be permitted to be displayed on the exterior surfaces of any unit or in any motor vehicle parked on or about an owner's premises by an owner or the owner's agents or representatives.
  • Any violation of the restrictions or procedures established here shall constitute a violation of the Association's covenants and shall subject the violator to the Association's grievance and disciplinary procedures.