Members of Stonebridge Country Club are very socially committed to performing good deeds. Many are involved in many volunteer organizations, donating not only monetarily but with their expertise, time and inspiration.


 Stonebridge Country Club is building homes and changing lives.
Since 2002, Stonebridge Country Club has helped Habitat for Humanity of Collier County to access $836,507 through the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program. This has empowered 14 families to make their dream of homeownership come true.
The Community Contribution Tax Credit Program is a state-funded incentive to encourage businesses that collect and remit state sales tax to partner with those who provide affordable housing. Partnering with local clubs and business is the only way Habitat can access the funds.
In partnering with Habitat for Humanity, the process begins with Stonebridge pledging the funds to complete a Habitat home (approximately $55,000). This covers all of the hard costs of construction. Staff and members of Stonebridge Country Club also provide 200 hours of labor for each house sponsored to help complete the home-building. Habitat staff prepares the application and delivers it to Stonebridge for signing.


Below is a partial list of some of the organizations where you can find a Stonebridge member volunteering.

Grace PlaceGreater Naples Leadership

 Guadalupe Center Immokalee

Habitat for Humanity
INCubator Education Program 

Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

Literacy Volunteers of Collier    County   Naples Community Hospital   Naples CERT Program  
Naples Park Elementary
Post Hurricane Michael clothing drive
Post IRMA employee assistance fund  
Swinging with Purpose
St. Matthew's HouseStonebridge Book Club Donations
Toys for Tots

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